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question about PM
July 30 2009 at 6:48 PM acho (no login)


Hi. So here is my dilemma. I read about PM and thought of trying it. I have not tried any NBE so far as I figured they change hormones and I have a family history of breast cancer (paternal grandmom), and thought they might increase my chances of getting it. But when i read up on PM, some websites said it actually decreases the risk of breast cancer. But the recommended use information on PM says not to use it if there is a history of breast cancer. How does that work? Why would they say it decreases chances of breast cancer, but then say not to use it if you have had breast cancer before? please help.

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Mel C
(Login mcovert) Re: question about PM August 1 2009, 3:22 AM

I will try to maybe make some sense of this.I take PM,along with other things,and I also massage with PM.I have read articles such as this,too.I may be totally wrong,or maybe I won’t explain it well.Someone will probably have the correct way to say it.

Maybe they don’t want someone that has had breast cancer in the past to take PM because once you have had cancer,you go into remission. Maybe it would bring it back out or encourage it to because of growth and/or messing with the hormones,therefore,creating too much risk.Maybe something still ‘hibernates’ in a person.The body is an amazing and mystical thing.But,if you have never had breast cancer,it gives you less risk of getting it.

I compare it with this:

My husband has gout——which is not related to NBE or PM or even breast cancer——BUT,he takes allupurinol to keep a gout attack from coming on and to keep his uric acid levels down.Well,he had a BAD attack about 6,7 months ago and it was bad enough for him to go to the emergency room.We explained to the doc that he had been taking his medicine,and the doc gave us some very interesting info that none of his other doctors have told him.He said that yes,his medicine is for trying to keep the gout down and keep it at bay,BUT once he has an attack,to actually quit taking this medicine until the attack has been over for a couple of days.The reason why is once that gout attacks,the medicine actually makes the attack worse AND last longer.Weird.And they say gout is a rich person’s disease……..NOT!

Anyway,maybe it works in a similar way with the PM and they have discovered it.Who knows? That does make some sense to me,though.If it’s true with one thing,why not another? Hope that did not sound stupid.

~~What you think about,you bring about~~

Mel C

(no login) regarding your question August 3 2009, 12:10 AM

hi, i have some medical background due to the profession that i am in. It is known that extra estrogen level in your system raises risk of cancer. PM is phytoestrogen, and it is not estrogen, but mimics estrogen and body mistakes it for estrogen. According to what I learned, phytoestrogen increases risk of cancer, where body has estrogen receptors. I believe that is why they don’t want you using PM if you have history of breast cancer. I tried to explain without mixing medical jargon and to make it simple. I hope it made sense.

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(no login) for Mel C and Brave brava August 3 2009, 2:04 AM

Thanks Mel C. Your husbands example helps make some sense of it. Thanks Bravebrava for your input. My question then is, I am 24 and have not had breast cancer, but my paternal grandmother did. So with this family history, would you think it would be ok for me to take PM? obviously i know there are no guarantees but what do you think?


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(no login) regarding your question August 3 2009, 5:07 PM

well, i’m not too sure what you will be trying to do, but I am totally regretting that I have ever done Brava. It did not work. only my nipple and areolar became bigger and I think my breasts actually got smaller. and I have itchy, inflamed skin all over my breasts. I don’t know how this happened. but I feel like I want to die,,, besides talking about cancer, I would not trust this product. very bogus, and I can’t believe I got myself into it, and that I am a health professional. I am ashamed of myself. Only thing I am donig now is praying to God that it becomes the way I had before. I feel really pathetic.

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(no login) Re: question about PM August 4 2009, 7:48 PM

WOW!! I’m sorry to hear about your situation bravebrava. I’m thinking of starting PM. I just don’t know where to start, what kind to get, what dose to take and if I should take it with anything else. I also read somewhere that PM should not be taken if estrogen levels are not low. My estrogen levels are normal so I don’t knnow if it would harm me or not. I hope things work out for you and you feel better soon! thanks for your input!

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(no login) estrogen level and such August 4 2009, 9:38 PM

PM is phytoestrogen,,, it will act like estrogen. Estrogen receptors in your body will respond to it as if it is estrogen, and will have same effect in your body as estrogen. Cancer feeds on estrogen also. It will definitely increase your risk of cancer for sure with use of PM. I think it is a gamble situation. I can’t really make decision for you, but I myself have normal estrogen level. If I get on PM, I would never get myself into high dosage. If subtle dosage makes difference, it would be great.

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(no login) Re: question about PM August 5 2009, 5:21 AM

Thanks Bravebrava

So I talked to my gyn today and she was going to prescribe me birth control. I had the same concerns and asked her about the risk of breast cancer, to which she said that if I had family history from my mom’s side she would be concerned, but since it was my dad’s mom who had it, and no one on my mom’s side has it, she said she doesn’t think birth control would harm me. So I’m guessing it would be the same thing with PM. Have you tried it? You said you have normal estrogen levels, if you have tried PM has it worked for you? Have you tried any other herbs?

Thanks a lot for your input!

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(Login blue_sardine) Do your research! August 5 2009, 6:50 AM


You guys need to do some research – phytoestrogens do not actually behave the same way as our own estrogens, and in many cases they reduce the risk of breast cancer. Bravebra, go online and look up articles on PM in medical journals. Phytoestrogens undergo a complex series of processes in the body, and you need to understand it properly before you start dosing yourself with a new drug (yes, PM is a drug). I’ve done the research, but as I’m not a medical practitioner, I don’t feel I should try to explain it. Your health is your responsibility.

Also, I think the women in this thread should be ashamed of themselves – bravebra expressed how foolish and devastated she felt, but rather than supporting her you all just continued to prattle about your own desire for bigger tits! Now, we’re all here for the same reason (yeah – I’m sick of my A cups too), but come on – have some empathy, you silly girls.

Bravebra – don’t feel foolish for trying the brava. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, and your breasts will be ok. Just go easy on them, give them some time to recover, and DO YOUR RESEARCH when it comes to new products. Don’t just ask women on forums, trust me, they don’t know anything, and are all so desperate for news on how to make their breasts grow that they’ll try anything.

Also, if anyone’s on the contraceptive pill – high-dose phytoestrogens (such as high-dose PM) can mess with it, so be careful (condoms!).

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(no login) re: PM August 7 2009, 12:29 PM

hi, Thank you for everyone’s reply. I do have med/health background, and in school I did learn about phytoestrogen. My reply was based on my understanding or assumption that PM, pueraria mirifica, being one of the phytoestrogenic agents. Phytoestergen can come from many sources, and may have conflicting studies from research. It is true, from reading, I find that PM under certain dosages could be helpful in women’s health, but in dosages that will boost up breast growth, my understanding or education tells me that it does have big association with tumor growth. I don’t feel like going through and summarizing the lectures of phytoestrogen from classes from two semesters ago, but what i wrote was as if i were to put it simply. My writing is based on my knowledge gained from classes (grad school) from two semesters ago that is Fall 2008, but if you have newer research finding that you are aware of, please share with the forum.
Also, I understand that all of us know that there are two kinds of research articles out there. One being the articles purely written by science labs without commercial incentives, most of them funded by government, and the other articles written with commercial incentives, trying to prove their point to get their products sold. I know numerous faculties that were involved and even more so forced to sign their names on commercially driven articles on which they eventually refused to sign their names… but anyhow there are lots of papers out there that are funded by product manufacturers or companies and they really want to publish the papers and sell theri products…. so people also need to be aware of that. As for now, phytoestrogen is a definite big no no for people who have had history of breast cancer. I guess I am not the one who knows all about phytoestrogen, but since the professor who taught the class is a very well known endocrinologist, I just think that she is a good resource for understanding the topic of our discussion.
Anyhow, sorry for making this long. One point i wanted to make was that I don’t think anyone who are on this forum is silly or anything. I understand that we do need to do our reserach and all for our own health,,, but I do feel that trial and error and learning from others’ mistakes could tell us something that we should do better for ourselves. I think that this forum is honest, helpful, and much more worthy than product sellers or people who write papers just to get their products sold.
Thank you for all the comments, criticism, and everything. I am sure that everyone’s experience will add up to something better in someone else’s life and little decisions that they may make for their health. And of course like Bluesardine’s comment, we could do more worthy research and share it with the forum.
Thanks everyone and see you again here.

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(no login) re: blue sardine’s msg August 7 2009, 12:36 PM

hi blue sardine,
just wanted to say thanks for the heads up.
with 2 yrs of med courses, I thought that i did understand the principles behind Brava. i did try them but was surprised to find out that i was too brave on it. hence my nickname on here is bravebrava. i am not sure if i can get back on it for now. i’m really traumatized as you can tell.
anyway, i was just curious about what you have done about your breasts and what courses you have done so far. I am just wondering if anything worked out for you or what not. Please let me know, i’m sure all of us would love to know. and if you think that brava doesn’t make sense, why would you think so because of what principles? It seems like you may have some understanding behind some med principles or have enough background knowledge to understand medical stuffs. so i would love to take your advice as well. i will do my research on your suggestion too i promise. Smile
Brave brava

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Wahaiki I need your expertise

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Wahaiki I need your expertise
January 4 2010 at 1:55 PM ittybitty1974 (Login ittybitty1974)



I have been courting this website for some time now. There seems to be a lot of good info, but I need direction. I took the hormone test and the results were that I was progesterone deficient. You mention taking fenugreek, SP, WY and fennel from GreenBush. Well I was thinking about getting the herbs from a trusted company that I have used for years, but the Fenugreek is 720MG, SP is 565MG and the WY is 680MG…is this too much?
I live in Florida, I have one child that I breastfed for about 3 months and the biggest my breast grew while pregnant was about a 34 something. Right now I am 32 A and I need to grow. P.S. I was suckered into purchasing a product called Beauti-full before I educated myself more and I saw no results. Please help Oh mighty one one of Breast Enhancements?

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(Login ittybitty1974) Forgot to tell you this January 4 2010, 2:01 PM


sorry I misspelled your name. I forgot to tell you. I am 35 years old, 5’5, weigh 125 Lbs and I carry most weight in my booty and hips.

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(Login Wahaika)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Wahaiki I need your expertise January 4 2010, 6:49 PM

IttyBitty1974, you really crack me up!

What is the trusted company?

You will need to be completely dried up before starting NBE (don’t know how long it has been since you breastfed).

Right now it would be better to lose the booty and hips if you can. If not, you may have a problem with the internals later. Or, if you have not done so already, start a good exercise routine that you can keep up, otherwise hips and booty are a magnet for herbs. You could start topicals while trying to lose it. If you do start losing, don’t go past 10 lbs. (Just something I have noticed. Those under about 110 have a harder time growing also.)



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(Login ittybitty1974) re: Wahaika I need your expertise January 5 2010, 6:06 AM

i would say i am completely dried up my daughter is 14 years old. my booty and hips are a good size I don’t want to lose them and it would not hurt if i gained a few pounds in these places as well. i buy herbs from mountainrose herbs. i will start working out though.

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(Login ittybitty1974) Wahaiki January 7 2010, 4:20 AM


Thank you you responding. I was wondering if you were able to look at my profile and tell me what you would suggest as a program?
Also, I would like to know what the science is behind the chicken feet. It seems that the gelatin is what we’re after, but what exactly does the body do with it to help with NBE. I was reading another post and you mentioned PM and Fenugreek extract. Do you mix the two? I am going to start at the end of March and I just want to get everything I need. Thanks so much.

(Login Wahaika)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Wahaiki I need your expertise January 7 2010, 6:45 PM


Here is what I have so far:

35 years old,
125 Lbs
32 A
carry most weight in booty and hips.
took the hormone test and the results were that I was progesterone deficient.
Live in Florida
One child that was breastfed for about 3 months
The biggest breasts grew while pregnant was about a 34 something.
Saw no results on “Beauti-full”

Are on on BC? If so, which one?

I think that the best place to start is what has the best track record which is the Greenbush 90 day kit with the following additions:
EPO 1000mg three times per day – total of 3000mg also for topicals (not for everyone internally – if you start breaking out, use Borage oil instead)
Flaxseed oil – 1000mg three times per day – total of 3000mg
Borage oil (1000mg at night before bedtime if not using EPO, also for use in “booby batter.”)
Olive oil for use in making “booby batter.”
A multivitamin containing a B complex (around 80mg of B6 and 80mcg of B12 included)

Other things can be added such as chicken feet soup, gelatin, GABA, and MSM.

Booby Batter:
One batch to keep on hand:
1/2 cup Olive Oil + 1/2 cup Fenugreek + 24 (1000mg) Borage Oil Caps steeped for one week minimum before first use. (The longer the better)

Get 2 8oz containers, preferably dark glass bottles. Steep (soak/let sit in a dark cool place like a closet) one while using the other.

Shake well.
Apply heat from a heated pad set to low for 5 minutes.
Massage in about a teaspoon or two each side.
Cover with saran wrap.
Apply heat for 15 more minutes from a heated pad set to low.
Leave on all night if possible.

>>”Also, I would like to know what the science is behind the chicken feet. It seems that the gelatin is what we’re after, but what exactly does the body do with it to help with NBE. I was reading another post and you mentioned PM and Fenugreek extract. Do you mix the two? I am going to start at the end of March and I just want to get everything I need. Thanks so much. “

Chicken feet soup falls into the same category as gelatin and MSM. It has building blocks for tissue construction. All of these things have a very good track record for NBE.

St Herb PM cream (not any other brand, and only the one in the green tube, not the nano cream) + Greenbush fenugreek extract (because it is non alcoholic) seems to work for those who try it. The PM cream also has things that will help the herbs penetrate the skin. Yes, you mix the two just before each usage. Always follow with about 30 minutes of heat from a heated pad set to low (or towels fresh out of the dryer).


(Login ittybitty1974) Thanks Wahaiki January 8 2010, 3:58 AM

Thanks Wahaiki and I have never been on birth control

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An honest question about hormone production…

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An honest question about hormone production…
February 26 2007 at 5:00 PM Fidelis (no login)


I wanted to throw this out there because it was making me wonder. This is an honest question, so please don’t think I’m a freak or anything.

Does masturbation have any affect on hormone production? Does it increase testosterone?

I just wonder, and I haven’t found any good resources online that answer it.


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(Login emmiedee) actually February 26 2007, 5:06 PM

this was asked awhile ago. search it in the main forum… i cant remember the general consensus, but i think it was somewhere around “no.”

as fun of an program as it would be…

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(no login) Wanker February 26 2007, 5:20 PM

If you are a guy and “wank” a lot then you probably have really high testosterone. It is the drop off in sexuality that gives men an indication that testosterone has dropped. So the answer is no, but you are probably “topped up”.

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(no login) Re: An honest question about hormone production… March 2 2007, 12:33 AM

Thanks for the replies. I realized a few days ago that one of the medications I’m taking for a dermatological problem is actually an anti-androgen (spironolactone), and that’s why I went from being a highly, err, active person to a not-so-active one. I thought it may have had to do with the herbals, but apparently not.

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(no login) Male sex hormone easily triggered March 7 2007, 11:03 AM

Scientists have proved that even the most seemingly innocent chat with a woman can be enough to send male sex hormones soaring.
A team from the University of Chicago paid students to come into their lab under the pretence of testing their saliva chemistry.

While there, the students got to chat to a young female research assistant.

Saliva tests showed the brief interaction was enough to raise testosterone levels by as much as 30%.

The more a man’s hormone level shot up, the more attractive he later admitted to finding the research assistant.

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(no login) Arousal March 7 2007, 12:50 PM

Most womens hormones actually emit from their anus so a quick sniff is usually all one needs. This is true, just try it, make sure it is someone you know though or the results may not be what you expected.

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(Login Myjourney) tb March 7 2007, 7:36 PM



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(no login) Who let the dogs out March 8 2007, 1:40 AM

Whoa WHoa whoa aye whoa!!

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(Login Myjourney) Who?? Who??? March 9 2007, 12:37 AM

did let those dogs out…dunno…one snuck up behind me…sniffin my butt…and after a swift back kick it ran away with a wee wee wee wee all the way home.

TB…did you get my note on the ripplu bras?

(no login) Ripplu Bras March 9 2007, 4:11 AM

Yes, Myjourney, It makes sense as I remember reading that fat can be moved manually like that. I remember there was a cellulite machine that used rollers and proved the concept. I am where I want to be now and am stopping everything. I am interested to see how much will go away (or shrink), I will give updates. I have ended up filling up a 40D bra and that is enough. I was more interested in not looking like one of those old dudes with the pancake , gross looking deflated balloons, I figure if I got them, they mine as well look good. I will be starting a new testosterone replacement program tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how everything ends up 6 months from now.

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The perfect mixture of herbs? Or the worst possible?

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The perfect mixture of herbs? Or the worst possible?
April 6 2007 at 3:42 PM Fennel Fairy (no login)


Progesterone helps the body use the estrogens better so I guess progesterone is a good thing to add in any NBE formula, either as the real progesterone or as in Wild Yam cream. Saw Palmetto being an anti-androgen is also helpful for some who might have too much testosterone in their system. But what about the “estrogenic” herbs? What’s the ideal combination? There are so many!

On websites that sell Pueraria Mirifica pills, I have read that one is not supposed to take other herbs together with the PM. This is because the phytoestrogens in PM are so much stronger than other plant estrogens and therefore the use of any additional herbs would “dilute” the formula and weaken the effect of the PM.

So other, weaker phytoestrogens would attach themselves to places where the miroestrol molecules from the Pueraria would have placed themselves, thereby weakening the effect of the PM. If that is how it works, then that could be applied on other NBE herbs too.

In that case, mixing fenugreek, alfalfa and soy would be a very bad idea for instance. The weak plant estrogen found in alfalfa and soy would then take up space that could be better used by the more potent fenugreek and make it less effective. If this would be the case, the ideal NBE formula would consist of a combination of EITHER only a few, almost equally strong estrogenic herbs like fenugreek and red clover OR a combo of many weak estrogenic herbs.

It seems kind of logical…

So perhaps Red Clover, Fenugreek, Wild Yam Cream and Saw Palmetto would be a fast growing formula?

Or Soy, alfalfa, pomegranade and a dozen other weak ones taken with Wild Yam cream and Saw Palmetto?

What do you guys think of this theory?

Author Reply
(no login) I’m even more confused about this April 6 2007, 4:29 PM

I’m spending a lot of time trying to research this.

What is so confusing to me is that what may work well for women may not apply to men. What you say about varying strengths for phyto-estrogenic effect makes sense to me with my meager understanding of hormonal effect.

Most, or a lot of foods have estrogenic effects, we cannot consume a single food diet. What about effects of foods/herbs/fruits/beans/roots we have no knowledge of?

I believe that the endocrine system relies on a feedback system. If you raise levels artificially the system tries to restore balance. Perhaps there are experts out there that may explain things?

More confused about what I’m attempting than ever before!!!

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Fennel Fairy
(no login) Re: The perfect mixture of herbs? Or the worst possible? April 6 2007, 4:34 PM

I love to confuse people!
I guess it’s because I am a woman. We are confusing by nature.

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(Login waxingmoon)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: The perfect mixture of herbs? Or the worst possible? April 6 2007, 8:55 PM

Good question. Probably what to choose would be on whether there were any imbalances in the individual in the first place.

For Women:

Those with no known imbalance could probably handle the first example (strong phytoestrogens)

Those with estrogen dominance would do much better with the second version (lots of weak phytoestrogens)

For Guys:

First example – hit the body with estrogen and lower the testosterone – but by all means use the progesterone cream to protect from unbound estrogen. Just like breast tissue will grow when given ideal situation – male or female, too much estrogen can enhance other cell growth of a malignant kind. Progesterone definitely has a protective effect.

just my 2 cents


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(Login lilmama40) Yes!!! April 6 2007, 11:41 PM

You hit the nail right on the head Fennel. I think I was taking too much at first and even though I grew, I think it held me back some. When I got lazy and was only taking fenugreek, red clover, nettle root, and wild yam cream (along with the soy oil rubs) I started to grow even more! That’s what I’m on now and it’s working well. I also take flax oil. My doses aren’t super high of anything.

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(no login) Too much testosterone April 7 2007, 2:59 AM

Too much testosterone in males is converted to estrogen. That is why somebody builders who take too much testosterone get gynocomastia. Using progesterone can guide the estrogen in men to where you may want it (if your seeking NBE) In males progesterone can help shrink the prostate gland, which is a good thing. I believe that is why I being on testosterone replacement therapy am still having breast growth as the rubbing of the progesterone on my breasts is “locking”the excess estrogen in place. Botton line is that you can maintain the testosterone at a proper level and utilize what excess estrogen/phytoestrogen in your system by using progesterone cream.

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(no login) Re: The perfect mixture of herbs? Or the worst possible? April 7 2007, 7:35 AM

I believe in keeping it simple, 1 to 3 stronger herbs and an antiandrogen to control testosterone. Remember! Sometimes less is more.

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anan man
(no login) Re: The perfect mixture of herbs? Or the worst possible? April 7 2007, 3:08 PM

So if I understand right:

Progesterone is a good thing for men. Rubbing Progesterone on the breast area once a day directs any unused estrogen to the breast. Saw Palmetto is a weak androgen that blocks excess testosterone in the system and lets your natural estrogen become more dominant. Taking Fenugreek or Dong Quai are phytoestrogens that add “safe” estrogens to the system. Thus the Progesterone rubbed areas attract the estrogen from the herbs and grow NBE.

Now, I hear about steroids or forms of estrogen that have chemical names to them like Chlorotrianisene (not herb names) and these are products we want to stay away from.

Also using SP, F, DQ at low doses (under 500 mg) along with Progesterone Cream will not cause breast or prostate cells to multiply and become malignant. Perhaps high doses are bad. The other thing is how long can PC and these low doses be used safely. I can’t find anything on that.

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a few starting questions

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a few questions
May 29 2009 at 9:17 PM anon (no login)


Bare with me, I am a noob to this board (please don’t haze) but before I get started, let me have you
know that I have spent 6.5hrs reading many of the posts here and so have a good idea of what to use
as I am well dedicated to total feminization (although a bit scary given society of my small town)
and want to start with NBE for initial breast developement, then the premarin and spironolactone,
followed possibly by BO then at last full hormones to get to my goal size. My questions are; is there
a difference between fennel fruit and fennel seed as I am currently using a ready made herbal tea
containing fennel fruit and red clover, I figure this might be a beneficial start until I can afford
the real herbs. So this is like a pre-start that might give an ideal how receptive my body is going to be to full herbal treatment as I progress eventually to full hormones.

In case your wondering I am 129lbs (was 148 but lost 19lbs for whatever reason over the last month)
about 5-7 small frame and in the age range of 24-27 and the tea I am using is called
Traditional Medicinals® Weightless (although i obviously don’t need any weight loss as I had lost
too much as is and would to at least get back to my 148 and maintain that but wouldn’t mind going
to 161 +/- 4lbs) but again I am using it as a pre-start for the fennel and red clover in it
the tea specs are 360mg organic bitter fennel fruit, 135mg uva ursi leaf, 75mg cleavers herb,
75mg red clover, 52.5mg parsley, 7.5mg buchu leaf, and 795mg of the following “propreitary” blend
hibiscus, west indian lemongrass leaf, flax seed, lemon verbena, spearmint, stevia leaf

Is this a bad tea to use? what ingredients might counteract the fennel and red clover phytohormone effect (i couldn’t find mother’s milk at the grocery store where i shop but did find that tea and so
i bought for the fennel)
also i am a smoker (been for 13yrs) and so quiting out right is next to impossible as i started
because of stress not because it was cool or the other kids did, i had many family problems and abnormal stress growing up and much lingers on top of the everyday stress, etc.
so how does that hurt my chances and solutions are there if needed to quit for any degree of change
to happen(gum don’t work, patches work great but i use my arm area to apply as it is smoothest most
hairless and poress skin for good absorbtion and adhesion and the e-cig is tv special only and it’s clone is over a hundred dollars, ridiculous!) also is there other herbs to take if still end up
needing to smoke to greatly reduce chances or prevent BC from developing in my soon to be breasts.
(((edited for effect))) Wink in my soon to be beautiful breasts.

I really desire the best results as I am not trying this just to have a little boobage to play with
but to truely have large enough very round and supple feminine breasts & overall body feminization.
–is there a way drastically feminize one’s face without plastic surgery even if it takes quite some
time I know we all have a fixed bone structure and that wont change but can i shape the skin
over it to appear much more feminine?

I wouldn’t mind keeping some of facial hair as long as guyness disappearing from the look of my face
i wouldn’t mind being a hairred girl as i plan to leave my chest hair and breast hair for my own
personal reasons, so is it possible without surgery to drastacally feminize one’s face/facial appearance even if the hair stays (so it would be like a girls face but with some hair still on it)

Thanks all for the many useful posts regaurding this transistion and thanks to Dee/Moonstruck for
being a fearless leader for us all.

Also does it have to be bovine ovary as i know cow’s milk production rate is good 4 strong hormones
and there size helps but is possible to acquire a different animal source like horse, goat, ram ,or
wolf as a prestep before taking the final all real hormone plunge while increasing milk gland functionality during breast developement, willing to mix BO with other ovary source if needed
understand porcine don’t work go figure it is a small animal thus less hormone/deciliter duh
but the animals i listed should be sufficient, let me know if i am totally wrong just kinda
not big on it being sourced from a cow if there are other equally effective alternate animal sources
(but will take BO if it is the only one to work as i “need” breasts, I am one of those that suffer
from depression being in the wrong body and having to live out a role in society that is a lie
takes a big toll on my emotions and mental balance/health and really could’nt continue to live in
this body much longer without breaking down and looking towards suicide again so my feminization
is critical to my happiness just wish we could add a few herbs and hormones, proteins, etc.
to go from just growing breasts (even when fully functional) ((which i am very happy to here is
now possibly thanks to all on this forum that have educated my in the very real option))
to complete disintegration of male organs and developement of female organs down there preferable
functional/full functionality, well we can dream so far now I’ll be happy developing full functional feminine breasts I am looking to eventually achieve 39C bra size that are very rounded
and full (not pointed or banana shaped) like real young lady breasts. Then i can finally
identify as female (something i’ve longing to do i.e. be able to check female on those forms we all fill for various things)

one last thing i know this is frign huge post as is but what was the doseages for fennel
fenugreek saw palmetto red clover and wild yam and how much spironolactone is too much?
moonstruck/dee said she took 200mg could i do 300mg if i want a more complete change or even higher?
also a description of any benefits from premarin/ginette/estradoil valerate/ etc.
as being added in some mid point phase process of the total process would be appreciated as would
any and all donations of unused effective product to help a broke chap get started in the path to
sisterhood would be monumentously appreciated and I promise to find a way to pay back when i can
land a steady job in this craptastic economy (in a small town doesn’t help either but moving isn’t an option) thanks soooo very very much everyone (max doseage of prolactin would be helpful info too.)


Author Reply
(no login) update/corrections May 29 2009, 9:56 PM

sorry bout the format issue don’t know how to control line returns so small type window is same as final post.
anyway to correct some missing info the patches as i said worked but made my arm hurt like hades and uselessly limp from the pain and there was a raised wealt but my nicotine was satisfied all day
next bit-“chances and what solutions” should be the way it reads (fast typing=errors)
next bit-“what doseages fennel” i know the basic range and stages to ramp up to, it meant to be maximum doseage as the question
also-add thanks to fennel-fairy as well (sorry almost forget to mention you) (your a huge help like a guardian angel) stills lots thnx to moonstruck but didn’t want to forget the awesome fennel fairy.

update from femfur83

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(Login riven_one) Re: a few questions May 30 2009, 5:42 AM

A lot of things to respond to here.

You have a lot of questions about various approaches to getting breast growth. Of course the real hormone path will probably give you results. But not always.

But this is the NBE forum, so I’m assuming that you have an interest in NBE.

You’ve posted a question about a lot of different sources of estrogen, including BO. Estrogen is estrogen, and will affect you the same way regardless of it’s source.

BO is a readily available source of estrogen. As is a lot of other herbs.

I hope that you achieve your goals. Maybe you are over thinking it all.


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(no login) Questions May 31 2009, 3:51 PM

You have asked alot. As you have read there are many avenues. Also you cant take everything. You have to try what works for you. More is not better. I found this out. NBE takes time,a slow process.No one can tell you which to take. Everyone wishes a fast development. Read,try,ask questions,you will find your route. Research your product before you put into your body. I have found a few with side effects that did not suit myself. I wish I could tell you more,but im not an expert. I ask questions also. Enjoy your journey and dont be down on yourself. Be happy

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(Login femfur83) thanx tiff and riven but still hoping for some particular answers June 1 2009, 10:57 PM

Hey, me again
thanks for the bit of help riven and tiff but still looking for some specific answers
like whether I should continue the tea or if there a herb that might be contradicting the
effect of fennel and red clover that i am trying to squeeze out a felt a small tingle
once briefly, also smelled the syrupy sweetness in the air the one guy described that made him quit fenugreek but not specifically from my skin so was this all in my head from the anticipation
or was there maybe something real going on there? I hoping someone can give me the direct answers as
my computer time is limited via public access terminals.

So the tea question is important as I want the best chances and not waste a fixed limited number
of estrogenic receptors on the fennel from the tea from the grocery store that could be counteracted
by the tea’s other herbs to have the fennel used differently than my purpose.

(btw thanx for the support Tiff)
Next most important question was about being a smoker, what to consider with my NBE/BO/spiro/full hormone

also good to be informed that the estrogen from BO with basically effect the same as another source
just wanted to consider other sources besides bovine as per my personal reasons
I understand that BO is the readily avail source but are there other animal sources?
I might end up mixing them BO for the high milk production, other animal for deeper personal reasons

I am also serious about if you “gals” (former guys) that have reached your goals and have any left over product that you would hate to see goto waste, whatever it is, I would monumentously
appreciate the donation (if you can just post here yur email and i will email my address)
I promise to payback shipping, etc. when I start work in a few months (just really eager to get
started as the sooner the better the faster the time will begin to fly by and then before you know
I’ve reached my goal after say 19months)

Most of all thank you all so much for helping find a way to be what I’ve wanted to be for long time
(now I all need is the courage to pursue my dreams of being female)

Most Sincerely,


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Fennel Fairy
(no login) Re: a few questions June 21 2009, 10:19 PM

Hi there! I was thinking a little… And perhaps you will need to improve the blood circulation to get optimal results since you are a smoker and have been for many years. Cayenne and massage, Or even better – cayenne and a breast pump might improve the results. I think that Nooglrberry pump seems good value for money – a lot cheaper than brava and way less time consuming. I think that may increase the bloodflow to the breasts in a way that the estrogenic herbs/meds you take get better chance to get where they wanna go at the same time as you get mechanical tissue expansion. I am thinking of getting one myself for some plumping up :-)

Good luck anyhow, whatever you decide.

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(no login) Re: Questions June 22 2009, 3:26 AM

Hey,I figure with what your spending on tea and whatever,you could take that money and get Sp,Fenugreek,WY,or any other Herbs to start you on your way. I have no experience with the teas. But I see you dont want the BO,the Bovine is the best. Or drop all that and go to PM which is alittle stronger. Then you only have one cost. You can still mix PM with others if you wish. But like Ive said,more is not better and im not an expert,and im not recommending to you what to do but to read and try what best suits you. Im sorry if I cant tell you exactly what to do,but I dont think anyone here can or will. This is just an information forum. I have received alot by reading and asking about different concerns. You can also Google Transgender sites for more information. Hey im trying to help as we all need help in our quest. If you have read then you see where we all are coming from. Good Luck and Keep with your dream

Taken from

Can you answer this Wahaika, Waxingmoon, or anyone else…?

June 9, 2011 by  
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Can you answer this Wahaika, Waxingmoon, or anyone else…?
January 18 2009 at 12:45 AM
SensualCancer (Login SensualCancer)



I was on here a couple months ago; mainly to balance my hormones but to also see if breast enhancement would work for me.

So i started taking Vitex for 1 month and didn’t like it so i stopped.

And in the mist of taking vitex, i ordered saw palmetto, wild yam, and fenugreek from greenbush and took all of that 3 times a day, for 2 months straight.
(BTW I’m progesterone deficient and have estrogen dominance or maybe not enough of both. -shrugs- I also had horrrible PMS that was always guaranteed.)

…I stopped taking all of it all together because i saw absolutely no results and was wondering why i felt no changes.

My cycle every since I was a teen was every 2-3 months before i started again. (keep that in mind OK?)

Then after I stopped taking the herbs and extracts, two months later, my menstrual came in 33 days. No cramps. No PMS.

This past month after taking no herbs… my menstrual came in 27 days!! PMS was non-existent. I didn’t even know my period was coming. Yay!

But why is this… DO you know or have a hint at least? I changed my diet as well because my BMI was really low so I started having 3 or 4 meals a day and dranked 3 ensure shakes a day to increase it and gain weight so the herbs will work better. Could it be that? Since my cycle is finally back to normal for the first time in my life since… forever… should I start taking my herbs again to try NBE but lower my dose? And now that I’m back to normal, does that mean that I’m more likely to get pregnant now. Because i haven’t in YEARS and I also had repeated miscarriages.

Sorry for rambling on but I’m so confused.
I just really need SOMEBODY to help me see some kind of light in this.



Author Reply
(Login waxingmoon)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Can you answer this Wahaika, Waxingmoon, or anyone else…? January 18 2009, 2:11 AM

Hi SensualCancer,

It seems to me that your body responded to the saw palmetto (reducing testosterone), wild yam (mild phytestrogen) and fenugreek (galactogouge that enhances prolactin).

You did not respond to the high dosages, but after you stopped the reducing level in your body reached the appropriate amount for your system and you responded.

If I were you I would try the reduced level of these three herbs again. Try taking just one dose of each per day.

Since you have only just reached hormone balance, why don’t you just enjoy this for a while. It is quite possible that your body will naturally increase your breast size if you stay in this hormone balance for a while.

Best wishes,

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(Login SensualCancer)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Can you answer this Wahaika, Waxingmoon, or anyone else…? January 18 2009, 4:01 AM

I think I’ll do that and hope that my cycle stay’s normal for a while. I know this sounds insane but I didn’t even feel like I was on my period at all. It actually felt nice for a change instead of feeling like crap all the time.


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(Login -Moon-)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Can you answer this Wahaika, Waxingmoon, or anyone else…? January 18 2009, 1:32 PM

Couldn’t the vitex also have sth to do with it, as it’s know vitex only starts working after 3 months?

We know today that WY is usueless for most people for NBE, but it’s useful for estrogen dominance cause it diminishes estrgenic actions. So it can help PMS, but I doubt it could help breast growth, cause for that you need relatively high estrogen and adequately high progesterone to counterbalance it. Lowering estrogen to diminish the gap doesn’t sound like a likely way to achieve breast growth to me…

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(Login waxingmoon)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Can you answer this Wahaika, Waxingmoon, or anyone else…? January 18 2009, 7:50 PM

Hi Moon,

I did consider the vitex, but according to her time line she took vitex for 1 month only then stopped. During this time she took the other herbs and stopped them after 2 months. Her positive effect began 2 months after she stopped all herbs which was about 3 months after she stopped the vitex. I think the use of vitex was such a short duration it did not contribute to her effect… but hey, maybe it did. We all respond differently to herbs.

The other thing I did not comment on was the increase of BMI. Absolutely increasing weight can have a positive effect on hormone balance in someone who is underweight. Just the increase of protein will allow the body to build more hormones. Also the increase of body fat will allow the body to store more hormones.

Whether SensualCancer achieves NBE is not as important as whether she achieves hormonal balance in my opinion. Health is far more life affirming than boobs.

Now whether a low dose phytoestrogen increases or decreases total body estrogen is a matter of dosage. A small amount of a low dose phytoestrogen like WY or fennel will occupy vacant estrogen receptors and add to the total body estrogen – in other words it will increase estrogen. The same substances taken at a higher dosage will likely not just occupy vacant estrogen receptors, but also occupy receptors that would have been filled by the body’s more potent natural estrogen. This effect will reduce total body estrogen.

So, one of the things about stalling is that a person has not only filled the empty receptors but has ‘blocked’ receptors from being filled by the body’s own hormones. This is why in the classic ‘stall’ there is an initial upswing of positive effect followed by the stall of no effect which is then followed by another upswing of positive effects.

As far as what SensualCancer needs for proper hormone balance – it is just guesswork. The only way to have any idea is for there to be some sort of blood or saliva test to check for excesses or deficiencies. I truly don’t know why this combination of herbs worked for her, but it did work. Therefore trying it at lower dosages may continue to create a positive effect.

Anyway… at this point I am just aimlessly talking … lol.

Best wishes,

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(Login Emilia109) Re: Can you answer this Wahaika, Waxingmoon, or anyone else…? January 19 2009, 12:57 AM

I would say most of what you’re experiencing is due to increasing your BMI. Low body weight messes your cycles up or makes them nonexistent. It also makes getting pregnant/having a healthy pregnancy difficult. Getting to a healthy BMI improves all of those things, so I would also guess that it would be easier to get pregnant now, but that’s just based purely on BMI since I don’t know anything else about you or your fertility.

Two of my best friends have always been underweight naturally, and they both had the same problems until they really worked on gaining weight.

I would try herbs again, it couldn’t hurt anything and it sounds like your body might react more to them now.

That’s my two cents, for whatever it’s worth.

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(Login SensualCancer)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Can you answer this Wahaika, Waxingmoon, or anyone else…? January 19 2009, 3:00 AM

it might possibly be the vitex did a little something, but i don’t think it was taken long enough to see an effect. (on one month, off 3 or 4…) It COULD possibly be the raise in the BMI but i only gained 4 lbs and i haven’t been able to gain anymore… Can your BMI raise if you gain 4 lbs. even though you haven’t gained any muscle?

and i’m confused on whether vitex is good or not because people have different views on it.

either way, i’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing so things will be normal.


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(Login Wahaika)
SENIOR MEMBER Can you answer this Wahaika, Waxingmoon, or anyone else…? January 19 2009, 4:19 AM

What day of your cycle did you stop all herbs?

(Login SensualCancer)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Can you answer this Wahaika, Waxingmoon, or anyone else…? January 19 2009, 4:27 AM

I don’t know. at that point my cycle was still 2-3 months so I wouldn’t know. it was probably before I was about to start the next cycle. (before it went back to normal.)


Taken from

Dandelion Root Extract

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Dandelion Root Extract
June 15 2009 at 6:30 PM
ShyBoobs (Login ShyBoobs)


OK, I always look for ways to help my progress–as well as others’–so I decided to post this info about dandelion extract. This was originally posted by the knowledgeable Wahaika (sorry Wahaika, I just had to share!). This sounds pretty good……ceptor.htm…terone-fsh

I’m planning on adding this to my new routine. It may be worth a try for those that aren’t seeing much results. What do you guys think?

Author Reply
(Login GoldSnowflake)
EVE MEMBERS Re: Dandelion Root Extract June 15 2009, 6:35 PM

i am sure it is a good liver cleaner and blood purifier and could only benefit your program.

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(Login ShyBoobs)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Dandelion Root Extract June 16 2009, 6:23 PM

Hey snowflake,

Yeah, I had read about that too. It definitely can’t hurt to try it out! If I’m not mistaken, based on the research, it’ll prolly make me more responsive to herbs.

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(Login SandraDD) Re: Dandelion Root Extract June 17 2009, 5:13 AM

I’m taking dandelion extract!

I’m taking 150mg a day…..I wonder if that’s enough. Anyone?

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(Login Wahaika)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Dandelion Root Extract June 17 2009, 5:23 AM

It depends on the strength of the extract. The articles don’t specify how much they used in the study. Greenbush recommends 1 to 3 capsules 1 to 3 times per day (total of 5175 mg per day), or as instructed which means it could be more.

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(Login PrettylittleBs) Re: Dandelion Root Extract June 17 2009, 4:01 PM

Curious, do you think it will help you be more responsive to the herbs in a boobie batter too? Since I’m not taking internals, just curious if it would still help.

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(Login Wahaika)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Dandelion Root Extract June 18 2009, 2:31 AM

As far as gonadotropin, the two are not directly related so it does not look like it would work in the same way. But it also appears that dandelion raises the number of sex hormone receptors per cell. This would be good if it could be localized to the breasts, in the case of NBE interests.

It looks like the answer to your question is likely to be yes, but the test was done in a systemic way rather than “en vitro”, so it is still a best guess.

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(no login) Re: Dandelion Root Extract June 18 2009, 3:47 AM

What do you think about adding dandelion extract to a boobie batter? Worthless or possibly helpful?

(Login ShyBoobs)
SENIOR MEMBER Localizing the effect June 18 2009, 5:49 AM

Yeah, see…that’s why I was thinking of adding it as a topical instead. But I kinda figured since the study was only about oral consumption, then using it in a batter might not work. Still, I’d much rather have the effect occur only in breasts if possible.

Taken from

Calling all Asians!!

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Calling all Asians!!
October 27 2006 at 5:11 AM lani (Login Laniboo)


Just wanted to see if we have any Asians in this forum! I hear it is supposed to be tougher/slower for us to get results! I know of Tiger Lily, and I think one other… but I wasn’t sure. I am actually half Asian, and I have had a hard time growing (it has only been about a month and a half though). So I wanted to know if any of you Asian girls have had success with your routines! If you could PLEASE just put down your routine and how much growth you’ve had (and how long you’ve been doing it, maybe even age and body type info…?), that would be great! Here is my routine:

WU 3 times a day
SP twice a day
EPO once a day (at night)

Massage, once a day is usually all I have time for. I just do a mix of the chi rotations and some of Pansyclub’s massage page. I have recently added those electronic massagers lol because I have really been struggling to find time! They kinda tickle, but they feel good!

I am thin… my BMI is below 19, but I know that my body fat percentage is above 20, so I guess I should be fine in that department?? But I really am just skinny by nature. I am also 18 years old.

Anyway, as I said it has only been about a month and a half, but I’ve found that since I got back on BCP about two weeks ago, I have been having much more tingles, and the bra feels tighter! I have noticed some fullness, especially on the sides, but nothing measureable/noticeable yet. So that’s my update! I would greatly appreciate some input from any other Asians, or even any other ethnic-type people… I don’t know if it’s true or not that it is harder for us to get growth as I think everyone is just different. But this forum is for asking questions! So I am asking away!!!

: )

Author Reply
(no login) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 27 2006, 5:34 AM

hiya well i’m asian too. i tried wonderup for 3 months but it did not work that well for me. :[ it might be because i didnt have any protein shakes? who knows. i tried herbs only for 2 months but i am so sick of taking pills so i’m going to try a elegance elixir which should be mailed to me soon. so i will see if that works for me. hopefully it does. and good luck to you! :]

(Login HS29) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 28 2006, 11:27 PM

I’m half asian.

I did bovine ovary (Bountiful Breast) for about 7 months. I still have a good 2 month’s supply, but I am taking a break for a bit.
I gained about 1″to 1.5″ total.

I did everything I was supposed to– drank the shakes, took the supplements. I think it’s sometimes discouraging when some of these caucasian girls have large gains in a very short period of time. No offense to any of you- just better boobie genes, or something!!

I think I shrunk some and lost results due to serious workout routine and I am focused on losing body fat. I felt my efforts were counterproductive at this point.

I massage for about 20 seconds occasionally. Seldom.

While I’m on my break I am drinking Fenugreek Tea and taking 160mg x2 of Saw Palmetto Extract.

I think some of us asians are cursed w/ having small breasts, no matter what we try to do to make them bigger…(naturally of course!)

(Login Epiphany.)
EVE MEMBERS Re: Calling all Asians!! October 29 2006, 8:01 AM

There are quite a number of Asian girls who have posted on the Wonderup forum and most of them have said they got results, so I don’t think there’s really any reason why NBE would not work for Asians.

(Login AHYA) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 29 2006, 10:52 AM

Hi, I’m Asian. I’ve been on NBE for about 5 weeks, and I’ve grown an inch!

HS29, you’re right at some point, Asian girls just don’t have genes of big boobie…Sad But I used to know a Asian girl who had 3 cup growth within 3 month from A to D, it really gives me kinda of encouragement. Now I’m on NBE as well, and the result is not bad so far. So I do think there’s also a chance for us!

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SoCal grl
(no login) re: Calling all Asians October 29 2006, 2:28 PM

AHYA – What kind of program was your friend on who had the 3-cup growth in such a short time? That is very impressive and gives me a lot of hope =)

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(Login AHYA) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 29 2006, 3:20 PM

Hi SoCal grl, it’s actually not my friend, but someone I know from a brest enhancement forum like here.

She did lots of things. 1, took herbs mainly contain progesterone; 2, massage with essential oil; 3, stimulate acupuncture points which help with breast growth; 4, food supplyment, such as food contains Hydrolysed Collagen; 5, exercises mainly push-ups; 6, wear adjustable bra helping to lift and shape.

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(Login valeryblack) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 29 2006, 3:55 PM

“She did lots of things. 1, took herbs mainly contain progesterone; 2, massage with essential oil; 3, stimulate acupuncture points which help with breast growth; 4, food supplyment, such as food contains Hydrolysed Collagen; 5, exercises mainly push-ups; 6, wear adjustable bra helping to lift and shape.”

Could you please elaborate? What where her stats? What exacly were the herbs she took? What essential oils did she use? What/where are the acupuncture points and how do you stimulate them? What special food did she eat?

Sorry about all these questions but this is THE most succesful story I ever heard.
P.S I’m half asian and I’m using fengshui’s program + SP

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(Login AHYA) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 29 2006, 4:07 PM

Hi valeryblack, yeah, it’s a successful story, but lots of girls here actually have done better.

I really want to post her programme details here, but as it’s in Chinese, I’ve to translate it into English, and it’s a long long story, it will take me long time to trans..If anyone who reads Chinese is interested, I may send the story to you. Tongue

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(no login) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 29 2006, 5:45 PM

hey Laniboo…

silly question but i’ve been trying to figure out what BCP stands for!??

Edit Message Delete Message

(Login valeryblack) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 29 2006, 7:44 PM is a page where a text/web page is translated.You can choose the option chinese (traditional or simplified) to english. It will translate the text, but not really really correct, but someone, like you Big Grin, who knows its actual meaning, would have no problems to correct the english version in 10 minutes maybe. Pleaseeeeeee
or you can send the story/web page at [email protected] and I’ll try to do it. But, I will most probably not be able to translate it too acurately as I will not know the actual meaning of a lot of things.
If you could pleease do a small effort, I’m sure lots of girls on these board will be grateful. babelfish will do most of the work anyway Big Grin
thanks in advance

P.S Are there any other girls around that grew 3 cups in 3 months????

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SoCal grl
(no login) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 29 2006, 11:35 PM

valeryblack and AHYA – If you gals have the time, could you please post the translation on this forum? It would be most helpful to me (and other Asian girls who can’t read or understand Chinese). Thanks ladies =)

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(Login Laniboo) to Ahya October 30 2006, 3:34 AM

Hi AHYA! Just wondering what your routine is? I tried to find you on the personal programs page but could not. 1 inch in 5 weeks is impressive!!! I have been on WU for about 6 weeks, and still nothing yet… : ( Would u mind sharing please?

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SoCal grl
(no login) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 30 2006, 7:46 AM

BCP means “birth control pill.”

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(Login AHYA) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 30 2006, 8:06 AM

Hi girls, I tried to do some translation last night, it was really a slow job, I’ll try my best anyway. Smile Thank u valeryblack, the website is really useful.

My program is posted on the main page (here) not on the personal program page just a few days ago, I think it’s still somewhere in the first page, scroll the screen down, u’ll see it. I wanted to post it on personal program, but I’m a bit worried what if the growth doesn’t go any further. I guess I will do a personal program page a couple of weeks later if my growth is persistent.

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SoCal grl
(no login) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 30 2006, 6:56 PM

Hi AHYA, thank you so much for your efforts to translate that program. Really appreciate your time and energy in (what must be) a long process …

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(Login valeryblack) Re: Calling all Asians!! October 31 2006, 10:43 AM

Ahya: THANK YOU. you aer my heroine Big Grin If I can be of any help, let me know Smile

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(Login cherasia) Re: Calling all Asians!! November 2 2006, 6:12 AM

hello, i’m new here. I heard saw pametto is for guys who have prostate problem, it is safe for girls to take and what benefit will we get if it is for guys?

after reading about bo here, i heard it is unnatural and it only work for those who lack of pyestrogen or something like that. How to know if i lack of these? I also heard bo is dangerous. so confuse!

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(Login cherasia) Re: Calling all Asians!! November 8 2006, 3:30 PM

anyone who are asian and underweight but get result from wonderup?

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(no login) Re: Calling all Asians!! November 9 2006, 3:50 AM

I’m a Asian, 37, 5’4 and 102 lb. I’ve been on NBE for over 8 months ( I took one month break), I have to say the herbs did nothing for me. I bought the book “From Flat to Fab”, followed the program in the book; I massage twice a day for 5 minutes each with EPO oil or Wild Yam Cream, I also try to eat boobie healthy food. unfornately nothing works. I’m going to quit after I finish the last bottles of the herb since I have to admit NBE doesn’t work for me. Well good luck to you all.

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(Login hunnybunx) here’s one! November 9 2006, 2:00 PM

I just started NBE last week – wldn’t say it is an official start cos I was waiting for my menses to be voer before I officially ’embark’ on it.

What i’ve been doing so far :

1. massage jus once a day with cocoa butter + vit E oil .. it’s a combination of 360, accupressure points and lymphatic.
2. Eating boobie friendly food ie increased tofu, snowfungus, red dates(brewed with other herbs), wild yam..and cutting down on the cold drinks and no coffee..
3. Boobie accupuncture – the results are very good after jus one session. I’ve done this before abt 6 mths back but it shrank once i stopped..probably lack of maintenance! So I’m determined to keep it up… I’ve gone up 1 inch since the first session + massages + herbal tea.
4. Drinking daily herbal tea of fennel and fernugreek
5. Started GABA 2 days back.. will be starting on EPO and multi-vit.

So far, my otherwie flat boobs have been heavy, tingling and fillign up the bras a lot more. its certainly encouraging!

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(no login) BGP December 9 2006, 1:27 PM

19 yro half Asian, 5’5, 105 lbs

I just finished my third month of Breast Gain Plus and saw absolutely NO growth. I hear that Breast Gain Plus is the best one out there, so.. am I doomed?

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(Login cutevelvet) dont be disappointed asians!!!! December 9 2006, 2:11 PM

im asian and ive been on wonder uo pills for nearly four weeks now. i havent yet any growth to report but i can see that in the past four weeks of taking wu my smaller right breast is started to look a similar size to my left one. this looks promising to me. dont despair asians can experience positive breast changes too!!!

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(Login Sabrina.)
EVE MEMBERS Re: Calling all Asians!! December 9 2006, 4:25 PM

Christine, I don’t know where you get your information from, but it’s not very reliable. If you check into things in a little more detail, you’ll discover that Breast Gain Plus is one of the worst options.


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(Login BonneC) Re: Calling all Asians!! December 9 2006, 7:28 PM

I’m Asian, 5’2, 110 lbs. Started NBE 2 months ago.

Taking internally: SP 2000mg/day, Fenugreek 2000mg/day, Borage Oil, Multivitamin with fish oil.

Massage religiously 15mins morning and night (follow up with heat at night before going to bed).
Massage technique: chi rotations but using knuckles as well.
Boobie batter: EPO, pure cocoa butter, vit E

Noticed slight swelling within first 2 weeks. Things have slowed down but I had a break for a couple of weeks while on holidays in Oz (just after 1st month).
Feel breasts are slightly plumper now. But no diff on measuring tape. Took a photo today (to prove I’m not hallucinating).

Will start doing press ups as of today. Did 5 this evening (all I could manage, I know, I’m totally hopeless). Will try and do at least 10-15 per day, hope that’ll be enough.

I’ve always been a size 32 AAA. Only time I had cleavage was when I was breastfeeding. But after weaning, I went back to triple A’s, minus the firmness, like deflated balloons. I really miss my lactating breasts!

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(Login wonderbride)
SENIOR MEMBER Hello fellow Asian boobie girlfriends! December 9 2006, 10:22 PM

The most important thing when doin NBE is a positive attitude. Your mind is very powerful. Whether you think you can grow breasts or can’t you are right! Your mind will manifest what you are thinking. We just need to think that breasts are breasts and it doesn’t matter what ethic back ground you are.

I’m currently Taking BO for my NBE and I’m seeing results. My program is on the Personal Programs Page. It does take time and patience so don’t give up girls. Think positive, feel good about yourself and always keep the end result in mind and go for it!

Good luck girls.

Aloha and happy boobie growing Smile

“Adopt the pace of nature: Her secret is patience” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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(Login dealys) Calling all Asians!! December 10 2006, 1:56 AM

i agree! asians who have under-developed breasts have a hard time developing on their own after the development years…most times even pills, creams and salon treatments cannot deliver the results that we want (most times, no results at all!)…believe me, i’ve tried for more than 8 yrs (sad huh!)…it’s only this year, after browsing through the net and finding this website that i find useful information and embark on my nbe program in Nov 06…i felt that i’ve grown, though not really very visible, i just kinda felt it and as i can fill up some of my bras without the additional pads (finally, a nice feeling!). but then, now i felt that i’m not growing at a faster rate and felt that i’m slowly losing my feeling of fullness (aish, now u see it, now u don’t = that kinda feeling)..i gess nbe really needs time and patience and finding the righ program to suit ur body…by end of this month, i’m slowly gonna add sp and flaxseed oil to my program and increasing my intake of epo…hopefully it help!…best boobie wishes everyone!

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Black Sheep
(Login ms_candy03) Re: Calling all Asians!! November 4 2007, 5:29 PM

I have a BMI of 18.7 and have been on NBE for exactly a month now. I take these herbs, divided into 3 servings, one per every 8-hour period:

fenugreek 3000 mg
saw palmetto 3000 mg
evening primrose oil 3000 mg
flax seed oil 3000 mg
vitex 3000 mg (without this, I get rounder on my belly, butt, and thighs – not the look I want!)
dong quai 3000 mg

And a multivitamin plus 2 capsules of hyaluronic acid w/ collagen II twice a day (one during mid-day, the other before bed).

Whenever I can, I dry massage using my knuckles, kneading upwards and inwards, and do a chest exercise pushing my palms and fingertips together.

I’ve only grown half an inch in this past month but all my other measurements have stayed exactly the same so I know the routine is working, even if slow. And my skin has never looked better! So soft now. I also think that the increased estrogen or decreased androgen (from the SP) has made my face shape into an oval/round shape instead of the square-ish block shape it was before. It almost feels like my jawbone has shifted to become narrower. I’m actually more happy about this than the half an inch bust growth.

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(no login) Re: Calling all Asians!! November 4 2007, 10:35 PM

I’ve posted not too long ago regarding my experience so far…almost three months;1/2cup growth,firming and toning and breasts really never looked better.
This isnt backed up by any scientific research, but I do think massaging using Fengshui/Tigerlily method is REALLY important; also foods like kelp soup, tofu, barley, soy milk and broccoli is a must.
I’m in my late thirties. 5’4″ and 118-120 lbs. A tight B cup and almost a C.

I’ll keep everyone posted and remember, be patient!

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(no login) Korean of 18 years November 5 2007, 11:08 AM

I’m Korean, 18 years, tight 32A to a 32B, 5’0”, 115 lbs (fat is all in the gut!)

My breasts began to grow to 32A at age 8, hit my period at age 10, and around late high school, my breasts went from a 32A to decent-fitting 32B..although not exactly sure what happened.
At age 14, I used a bottle of NBE pills for one month (it was a bottle $20 with a pink cover & a woman from the waist up). That had no effects. Depo-Provera (age 12-14) then Ortho-Tricyclen (15-current). No noticeable effects from either. I’ve massaged my body including breasts with plain lotion everyday for years, but no results.

Thank you to the Asian persons who replied to the original post in this forum. I’ve always been wondering how the Asian community was doing on this topic. Stating country of origin would also be very helpful, as I’ve noticed trends in Asians (most Cantonese women I’ve met have 32C+; Filipinas are closer to Spanish women than Asians thus genes would be different from East Asians; Indians (South Asians) tend to vary hugely (32AAA to 36F); Koreans tend to be 32AAA to 32A, etc…these are all my observations, I reside in a highly populated Asian area of the US).

If anyone would be kind enough to consider my situation…without spending too much money, what regime would you suggest for someone with my type of growing trend? Massaging and the teas are already on the list…

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(no login) Re: Calling all Asians!! November 5 2007, 9:26 PM

Jen, have you tried the herbs?
They are not expensive and because of your age, might work for you. Also, consider what your genetics is telling you. Mother/sister? What size are they?

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(Login ms_candy03) Re: Calling all Asians!! November 5 2007, 10:00 PM

Hi Jen, those are some interesting observations you got there! They seem fairly accurate. Many of my more slender Korean friends are 32AA~A and tend to have fleshy arms (triceps) in ratio to breast size.

I’m of Korean origin also and am currently a 32B, at 5’3, around 107 pounds. I was a full 32A before NBE. I posted my routine in my previous reply to this thread. When I was 15 pounds heavier, I was 34B to C.

I’m not experienced enough to NBE yet to advise you on what regime would be best for you, or me, but I do believe that you should cut white rice out of your diet (if you haven’t done so already) if you tend to put weight on your abdominal region rather than breasts and hips.

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Deborah from Ebay
(Login forme2know) Lots of my customers are Asians…… November 7 2007, 2:08 PM

I sell the Pueraria Mirifica products on Ebay. I noticed that a large portion of my customers are Asian from all around the world. It is not only that there is a common need for the products but a knowledge of the use of PM and and some of the other herbs for natural breast enhancement in the Asian population exists too. I am happy to serve all of you.

Hope I can be of help and please come visit my ebay store. I try to make these products as affordable as possible. I carry just the top of the line st herb, mirifem and a USA brand in developement , Blossom-s. You may have heard about it. They have a bar soap with a high concentration of Pueraria 4% Powder (Equivaltent of 12% liquid extract) Pueraria Mifica.

The address is
The name is PhytoSense Premium Herbals
My seller name is hoodiatrust

I welcome questions about the products and have 2 information pages in the site…Breast Enhancement Fact vs Fiction, and Pueraria and Healthy Aging. I hope you fing them helpful.

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(Login lucyjuicy) Re: Calling all Asians!! November 7 2007, 11:38 PM

Has any asians tried Natureday with success?

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(Login SoCal.grl)
SENIOR MEMBER Hi Lucyjuicy … November 8 2007, 1:17 AM

Natureday did NOT work for me. I took 3 full droppers of the Fulfillment extract every day for 3 months (as recommended) but did not grow at all =( It’s an expensive product; I paid for 9 bottles which barely lasted the 3 months I was using it.

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(Login lucyjuicy) Re: Calling all Asians!! November 8 2007, 4:59 AM

That is really sad to hear SoCal.grl, I am currently trying it from all the hype on this forum, what is your program? I have a feeling BO will work the best for me, i am thinking of giving that a shot after natureday,

but has there been any asian who has had success with natureday?

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(Login SoCal.grl)
SENIOR MEMBER back to the drawing board November 8 2007, 7:08 AM

Hey Lucy … I’ve been off of Natureday for a month now so I know for sure it didn’t work for me. Though, that doesn’t mean that you won’t get success with it. The downside to NBE is it’s all trial and error, regardless of what others have been through. Unfortunately for me, I’m still in that trial phase. I’ve used a number of commercial products, individual herbs and alternative techniques (massage, hypnosis) over the years with no growth. Currently, I don’t have a program yet. I’m back to massaging and staying optimistic. Good luck with your goals =)

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(Login lucyjuicy) Re: Calling all Asians!! November 8 2007, 9:43 AM

Thanks SoCal.grl I shall remain positive!
Has anyone had success with papaya? I heard it’s big in asia, supposedly works well on asian girls? (Supershine)…

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(no login) soCal girl? November 1 2008, 4:40 AM

heys, im sorry to hear bout ur non growth Sad i thought ur posts were a little inconsistent tho, sorry im anal about these things but u said u tried natureday for 3 months in the first post then u said ‘iv been tryin it for a month now’ later… so which is it?$

i just ordered the 3 month package, all liquid because i heard the pills dont work(sophie even reported shrinkage) how man bottles is the 3 month supply? just saw in the pic was 2 bottles and so if i swapped the pills for liquid im expecting … hmm

anyways, taking EPO and fish oil and royal jelly now (not for NBE, for gen health but it helps that they’re mentioned in the forums as being complimentary) and i hope to have success Smile good luck to u all with whatever you’re curently on!!

xx Jen

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Need Help
(no login) Re: Calling all Asians!! November 1 2008, 11:16 AM

I am Asian too, grown up in HK and am living in Australia for the past 13yrs, I am 5″2′, my BMI is under 18.5, but I am not skinny, because I have tiny legs and arms that’s all.

I was on PM for 4 months, no growth on the boobs, however I’ve had negative side effects, weight gain and all the fat deposited in my lower ab. Now I’m on Fenugreek, Flaxseed, SP and Red Clover for about 2 months, I thought my babies look a bit fuller and bigger, grew about an inch on the tape but few days ago, I’ve compared my before and current pics, my breasts absolutely no different, so yay…..I am too feels like “Yeah they are growing” and “Oh no they are shrinking”

AHYA, could you please give me the link of the other forum, I think I need it.

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(Login SoCal.grl)
SENIOR MEMBER Hi msjen November 1 2008, 10:36 PM

Please re-read my posts.

Yes, I did write that I used Natureday for 3 months in my 11/8/07 post at 1:17am. In my 2nd response to luicyjuicy at 7:08am, I wrote that “I’ve been *off* of Natureday for a month …”, meaning after 1 month of NOT using Natureday, I did not experience any “residual” growth that some girls get after they stop taking particular herbs.

I don’t see where I’ve written, as you stated, ” ‘iv been tryin it for a month now’ “.

Also, your 3-month package will not last very long if you follow the daily “3 dropper rule” recommended by Amy from Natureday. Technically, 1 bottle should last 1 month if you take only 1 dropper-full, but everyone who starts with the extracts are told by Amy to begin with 3 droppers; plus, there is no documentation of/testimonial from anyone getting growth with just 1 dropper when they start. I discovered that 1 bottle lasted about 10 days. Other Eve members have also commented on how quickly they went through their Natureday extract supply.

Good luck to you.

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(Login Cselestyna)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Calling all Asians!! November 6 2008, 3:42 AM


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(Login mslananh) Re: Calling all Asians!! January 7 2010, 4:36 PM

Hi ahya !

I’m asian too ,can you tell me the girl that gain 3 cup,when did she started her program ,in which month ,and did she have any break during her program ?

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(Login mslananh) Re: Calling all Asians!! January 7 2010, 6:08 PM

Any of you,asia,did hormone balancing before doing NBE ?

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(Login mui2222) Re: Calling all Asians!! January 28 2010, 8:01 AM

msla, can you explain what hormone balancing is?

i m trying to start my program but have a hard time deciding on what to use… pump, herbs, massage??

(Login Cselestyna)
SENIOR MEMBER Re: Calling all Asians!! March 1 2010, 1:01 PM

try fengshui and tiger lily programs, that is my reccomendation, has a HUGE success rate so far and is alot cheaper than buying herbs.

Taken from

My experiences with Brava in the 3rd week

March 16, 2011 by  
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My experiences with Brava after 18 days
January 19 2007 at 4:13 AM Mindy Lou (Login MindyLou)


Hi, I am new to this forum but have found it very useful. I appreciate learning from all those who have experienced Brava or tried other methods. Being flat chested is not an easy thing, so it is good to be able to hear about other women’s experiences are and find out what works and what does not.

I have been self conscious about being flat chested all my life, beginning in junior high when we showered after gym class and it became very obvious that I was not developing like other girls. The boys in my class used to tease me to put lotion on those “mosquito bites”. I still have painful memories of those days. Going to the swimming pool or picking out a bathing suit was torture. I could never fill out the tops.

I’ve worn a “highly padded” bra for most of my life to hide my flat as a board chest. Finally I decided to try Brava. I’ll try to post my experiences here in order to help others who follow.

My stats:
Height: 5’5″ tall
Weight: 125 lbs.
my scale says my percent fat is 25%. so I’m not super skinny or slender
rather pear shaped, probably a size 6 on bottom, but size 4 on top.
Age: 40
Bra size: 34 A – maybe 34 AA.
Age: 40
One child — went up to a full 34 A or small 34 B when I was pregnant, but it didn’t last.

I’m 18 days into wearing Brava. I have medium wide domes, and the smart box. I purchased this directly from Brava.

The first two weeks I averaged roughly 11-12 hrs a day. Unfortunately, since I did not go through a doctor, Brava did not activate my charts and all my uploads were lost. I was pretty bummed about that. I called them several times in the morning as I was trying to leave for work, but they were not there at 9 am EST when they said they would be. I left a message and also wrote an email but got no response. Finally a week later, I got a hold of someone (and was late to work in the process) and they set it so the wear pattern and pressure graphs work. Nevertheless I lost the data I previously uploaded and was pretty disapointed – particularly as their customer service never really responded to my first two inquiries. That would have been an easy thing for them to do and turn on. Of course I am not going to have dr.s measurements as I had purchased it directly from Brava.

The first few days were awful. I could not sleep well on my back and my back would cramp a bit. The domes kept coming loose because I would sweat at night as I like to sleep with a lot of covers.

But I learned to adapt. Now I can sleep on my back with no problem. I use pillows under my head and arms and sometimes under my knees or upper legs.

Even though I get cold easily, I used to load up on the covers and then later would get too warm (sweat). Now I just use a lighter cover and only use the comforter to cover my lower half (my feet get really cold). This keeps me from sweating as much and loosening the seal.

I’ve figured out that the skin preps are a must. If you wipe down with those things you get a much better seal and less chafing. I do have a reddish rash down the middle where the two domes lay side by side but tried hydrocortizone cream as suggested by one of the posts and that does seem to be helping.

Also I clean the domes religiously each morning with quite a bit of the Brava green spray and my domes are looking pretty good and quite tacky.

On the manual air lock, it took me a while to figure out what the posts were saying but I did buy a few for $1.95 at Walmart. Not really sure how I can use them because of how the tube ends work….but I do start out by sucking the air out of the tubes / dome with my mouth and that usually creates better suction to start. Sometimes when I do that my smart box doesn’t even start pumping until later in the evening.

I figure if my smart box ever breaks and I get in a bind until I get a new one that I could use this manual method to get by and avoid missing days.

What about growth?:

I think so. My breasts definitely feel fuller in my bra now even at the end of a work day. The longer I wear Brava, the more it seems to work, so now I am pretty motivated to keep it on and try to prioritize my schedule towards it.

This week I was able to keep it on one day for 18 hrs and another day for 22…I definitely noticed more progress after those days (retention).

The effects of Brava dont’ seem to be ratable. The rep told me that every minute over and above the 10 hours really matters. Each minute over the 10 hour point seems to add more than any minutes under the 10 hour mark. After 10 hours it appears the breast has been extended for a period and the cell memory really starts getting affected. From my own personal wear pattern, this theory seems to be true. (However, I have only worn it 3 weeks and I don’t know for sure that I have permanent growth).

I don’t think Brava is easy. Its a lot like dieting…it takes will power, ambition and perseverance. I don’t know for sure whether it will work, but so far I am happy with the extra fullness I am seeing. I hope it will last. I’m willing to wear Brava more than 10 weeks. Winter is the best time to be cooped up in doors wearing Brava, so I’m glad I’m starting now.

I’d appreciate hearing from other Brava users out there. I hope you’ll share your experiences and progress too. Eventually when I can, I’ll try to post pictures.

Best of Luck to all of you!

Mindy Lou

Author Reply
(Login Diana1978)
SENIOR MEMBER hi! January 19 2007, 4:49 AM

glad you are doing well so far. tomorrow night is my last night of my fourth week. right now i think is when i an definitely seeing my breasts retain alot of the swelling. normally i am a 34a but now i wear a 34b all day. completely overfill it in the morning. should really get a c cup. but i can still decently wear a 34b at the end of the day. good luck to you. i an usually around. i think there are a handful of us around the same wear time frame. it will be nice to give our results. Smile

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(no login) Re: My experiences with Brava after 18 days January 19 2007, 11:37 PM

Hi Girls! I have been reading posts on this forum for a couple of weeks and wish I knew about it a long time ago since I had been thinking of getting Brava for years and it would have been nice to have read others experiences before getting it.

I am just finishing my 9th week and I remain hopefully optimistic. I started wearing Brava as a very small B and even smaller in one breast. When taking brava off in the mornings I am usually a very full D cup and end the day as a C or very full C. So I am hoping when I finish wearing brava I will remain at least a C cup.

I too am glad that I am wearing this thing at this time of year, during the summer would have been too hard to get the wear time in, I am out too much and too late to get the 10 hour min. in.

I think I average about 12 1/2 hours wear time aday and I wish it could be more because I really want boobs!

I look forward to talking to and sharing experiences with all of you here. I think that only someone that uses this system can really understand and offer advice and encouragement to us.

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Mindy Lou
(Login MindyLou) great to hear from you and a question January 20 2007, 3:16 AM

Thanks Diana and Ann for responding! It is so cool to have someone else to talk to about Brava. It sounds like you both are making good progress. Glad to hear that and keep us posted.

I have a question for you, Ann. At the end of your session, when you take Brava off, you mentioned you are a very full D cup and by the end of the day still are holding in as a C cup. (you lucky girl!) However, you are quite a ways along in that you are at 9 weeks — almost near the 10 week milestone. Gosh, I hope I have progress like yours!

My question is this: After your first few weeks, were you a full D cup when you finished your daily session?

I note the Brava website says at approximately week 5, when you finish a session, that the size you see is the finishing size , but you must wear it another 5 weeks to make it last and really acheive that growth. (Of course that is all predicated on 10 hour days minimum and they obviously recommend far more than 10 hour days and most typically need more than 10 weeks.)

I’m just curious as to when you started to see your max size and how long that took. How long did it take to reach the size you are seeing now?

Also, how long do you both think you will plan on wearing Brava?
— 10 weeks
— until you are the size you want
— until you can’t stand it any more :>)

I’m hoping to go until about May. (I think I’ll need more than 10 weeks). I started on Jan 1.

Best Wishes!

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(Login Diana1978)
SENIOR MEMBER ooo good questions! January 20 2007, 6:03 AM

That is exactly what i would like to know. and did you out grow your domes? mine are almost filling the wide large, well my nipples are imaging their way towards wanting to touch the inside. i try to position them better. any suggestions? and i guess i plan on wearing them for another 12 wks. i started on dec 23rd. my early xmas present from my hubby! so today makes 4 wks. wow. its flown by! (thank god.) it is nice to have people on here actually wearing it and giving support. good luck, all.

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(no login) Re: My experiences with Brava after 18 days January 21 2007, 8:54 PM

I just want to tell you that I am glad to be able to talk to someone who is going through this at the same time as me. My friend is impressed with my results and wants to use my system when I am through so I talk to her but she has no clue what I am REALLY going through.

Ok I didn’t start seeing the full D until about week 6 or 7 and then only when I wore Brava for more hours than I normally do. Most days I was a large C or small D. I am wearing a 36D bra to try to keep the swelling as much as possible, but when I want to wear a bra that fits I put on a 36C and fill it up very nicely through the day. I am getting the 36 now so they will fit loosely. I originally wore a 34B and when I finish with Brava i will go back to that band size and figure out cup size then.

They say that you are half way through your treatment when you are the size you want to be when you put Brava back on in the evenings. I am just now seeing that now with the size C when I put it back on in the evenings. So I guess I am going to wear it until I can’t stand it anymore or the outside world makes me quit wearing it because of having a life.

I wear the wide large domes also and I do fill them up completely especially when I get to wear they for more than my ususal hours. I have the extra lg domes and I guess I really need to go to them.

Now let’s keep up the good work!

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(Login Diana1978)
SENIOR MEMBER hi January 21 2007, 9:04 PM

i posted my pics yesterday of what i look like before i put the domes on again, after my initial morning swelling has gone down. i am thinking i need to wear it at least 8 more wks, For a total of 12 wks. at least. if i foot outgrow the domes first.i think i might have to stop sooner than that tho at the rate of my swelling. let’s keep it up!

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(no login) To Mindy January 24 2007, 4:57 AM

Hi Mindy,

Glad to see you got positive results. May I know whether you are an Asian? I am an Asian and I have been heard that Brava does not work so well on Asian as on other races due to the body nature (more densed tissue).

I am also age 40 and not thin (5’2″ and 122 lb), but I got very little (or no) growth after wearing Brava about 10 weeks. I started in Nov 06, but have missed many days in between for Thanksgiving and X’mas break when we had vacation somewhere else, such as friends’ home (impossible to wear them!!). I wore for average of 11 hours daily for 4 weeks, but getting less and less hours due to the disappointment and fatigue. I was 34 AAA, and might be 34 AA now… in fact, it is hard to tell at all…

Thank you for your responding.

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Mindy Lou
(Login MindyLou) Mid western US girl January 24 2007, 5:38 AM

Hello Lila –
I am happy to answer your question. I am from the mid-western part of the U.S. and am caucasian. From what I can tell, my family origins are northern and eastern europe. I have fairly fair skin, and blue eyes with hair that takes on a bit of a honey blonde or reddish hue.

I’m sticking with the Brava, and trying to be very disciplined about wearing it every single day (although today I will likely only get 7-8 hours)…to date I am averaging about 11-12 hours.

I do think Brava is making my breast a bit fuller, but after almost nearly 3.5 weeks, I am somewhat disappointed that I am not bigger at the end of the day, when I’ve gone a whole work day without them. This said, it is clear that this takes time. For example, if it adds fullness at the rate of a drop a day, it is going to make many days before those drops add to much

I’m sorry that Brava hasn’t worked out so well for you so far. Good luck to you and take care. Let us know if anything has changed in your progress or you get any insight as to what works or doesn’t work for you. Best wishes.

Mindy Lou

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(no login) Lila January 24 2007, 5:50 AM

Hi Lila

I am an Asian myself, I do feel that Brava might be less effective on Asian woman than other races. However i think the most important factor is still your wearing pattern, the longer you wear the system, the better the result will be. Most people here wore the system for over 20 weeks and seldom(if not never) miss a day and still have very modest gain. If you have only worn your system for 4 weeks consecutively, you obviously have not given it enough time to allow it to work. Missing a day could set you back 4 days, missing a few days or even weeks might just set you back to square one.
I do hope to see more ladies here with good results, as we all know the Brava journey is definitly not an easy one and we all derserve some gain!!

I pray that all of our bosom buddies here who’d sufferred with Brava long enough will get some satisfatory growth at the end. Amen!

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(Login Diana1978)
SENIOR MEMBER hey girls. January 24 2007, 6:52 PM

I remember talking to the brava coach and asked her which one did i think would be the ideal situation for best results, longer hrs or more wks? she said more wks. and that anything more than the 12 or so hrs a night would only cause more sensitivity to your skin.i think that was a load of baloney.i think you need to do more hrs and more than just ten wks.i am a couple of days away From my 5wk halfway point and while i do think i have a cups worth of swelling at the end of the day.i’m not done

(no login) Thanks January 25 2007, 7:34 AM

Hello Mindy and Nicole,

Thank you both so much for encourgement and caring. I am still wearing them, and will try to put more hours daily. I am so glad to see we have formed a group of mutual supporting. I do need some motivation to continue on… I will keep watching your posting…


Taken from

HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do???

December 21, 2010 by  
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HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do???
April 16 2008 at 4:35 AM autumn (no login)


My large domes are breaking and I dont know how to buy a nother pair. I heard Brava wont sell to me just the domes if i didnt buy my set from them?? Is that true? IF so would someone who bought there set from Brava be willing to buy me the large domes and I could pay you back plus a little more?? IF someone could do this that would be amazing or i will have wasted 4 weeks with brava if i cant go forward to finish my cycle.



I mean I think they are breaking it seems the silicone is seperating from the inside if the silicone. LIke there is air inside of there or somthing and its getting worse.

Author Reply
(Login Seri_Flamehair)
SENIOR MEMBER Domes are breaking April 16 2008, 7:21 AM

Yes the silicone inside the rings is semi cohesive problem is as you wear them they wear out and stop being a single mass. You can still wear them for a while yet.

Things to be careful with while wearing domes.

1: A little extra suction helps domes stay on better and seal more quickly.

2: To much extra suction will destroy the integrity of the silicone very quickly.

3: Ensure that your skin is as clean as possible before using the domes. Any loose patchy dry skin will cause the sticky on the domes to ball up faster. Any ointments moisturizers creams will destroy the sticky very fast.

4: Baby shampoo works great to clean the domes use your finger tips not your nails on the silicone. Baby shampoo also works great to clean up the area the domes will contact your skin. Balances your ph and cleans without anything that hurts the domes.

So try these out and see if it works for you. I have had to tape up rips inthe domes to get a few extra hours out of a set. I tend to get as much out of them as i can since a new set is $300 shipped now they raised the price on em.

So hopefully i can get 2000 hours out of this set. Tongue only time will tell.

Good luck

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(Login dandelion1) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 16 2008, 9:03 AM

seri – i thought you were finished, no? I thought you had a total of something like 5000 hours in a year and went from a 36A to a 35C, which is great. Have you kept most of it?

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(Login dandelion1) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 16 2008, 9:04 AM

as for the domes ripping – once they do start to rip and the silicone breaks down, it might eventually get painful to have extra suction ( I have a pair and that’s what happened). Like seri said, taping them up will allow you to get a few more hours out of them. Make sure to use good tape – not scotch tape.

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(no login) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 16 2008, 9:09 AM

I can’t use medical tape beacause it gives me a rash but I agree, for the last 2 weeks I was suctioning as hard as I could bear it but sometimes I had to let some air out to be able to get to sleep because it had created a sore patch on my ribs that was constantly being rubbed – all better now though. I found covering the sore patch with a lot of zinc cream then antiseptic cream over the top and then a small piece of cling film – this way the dome rub the cling film and the cream heals and lubricated the skin.

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(no login) thanks ladies April 17 2008, 6:27 AM

Thank you ladies for the advice. Any idea how long they will last since the silicone just started to seperate on the inside? WHen you say use good tape. Like what is good tape? Also would any of you be willing to buy through brava for me. I could pay you like $50 dollars for helping me. I just dont want to end up with them breaking and then my whole program ruined and I dont know where else to buy Large domes.


one last question at how many weeks does the growth start to stay. Like by the time i put them back on at night my boobs are still big? IT seems they are big till about 2 in the afternoon so about 7 hours.

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(no login) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 17 2008, 7:04 AM

When you say the silicone is breaking inside what exactly does it look like? Do you mean it’s tearing away from the plastic part of the dome or that the silicone within the cushion looks somehow different from when you started? Where did you get the orginal set from? Were they brand new?

They’ll never stay big like first thing in the morning. But after maybe 7 weeks what I had at lunchtime was what I ended up keeping after the full 30 weeks.

In terms of buying domes through Brava what size do you need and where do you live?

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(Login dandelion1) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 17 2008, 7:27 AM

for tape, i used that silver metallic tape? i think its called electrical tape? the one i have is actually stretchy like elastic which is good. It’s only like, 4 dollars about. I read somewhere on this forum that someone used liquid silicon to fill in the broken silicon parts, but I have no clue where to buy this. This is what happened to my previous domes:
The silicone inside started to deteriorate – it was as ‘cushiony’.
The silicone started to rip from the domes, and if you pulled on the silicone a bit you could see that inside the silicone ‘area’ it was now hollow – it was as if the silicone deteriorated and like disintegrated or something i dunno.
I tried to ‘fill in this gap’ with super glue – so that all the silicone parts inside would stick together and maybe reconstitute the silicone. This did not work well because the glue hardens, and does not prevent further deterioration. Maybe do a search on this forum and find out who it was that found liquid silicone, as this would be great and possibly fix your situation.

If not, than once the silicon comes off completely you could find a different type of cushion? some users of BB or Noogleberry use silicone sheeting on their domes – perhaps you could do the same with the brava domes.

Purchasing a full set from brava in the states cost 850$ with shipping (they just emailed me the price), after which, domes are 300$ with shipping. It might be difficult finding someone to order them for you because most ladies who are serious about brava will, or may need, a second pair. You’ll have to find someone who is finished and is absolutely certain that they do not want to do another cycle – this is because brava only allows you to purchase a second pair ONCE. On ebay, I have purchased a pair for WAY to much (700$) a few months ago, but luckily on this forum i found a seller who sold me the entire thing , Kiran, for a great price, only used once and in excellent condition ( you could not even tell). Sometimes purchasing second hand from someone who’s only used in a couple of times saves you money, you could check it out.

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(no login) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 17 2008, 6:58 PM

I’d buy direct from Brava at that price! In the UK it costs more than double…why is everything in Europe so expensive?

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(Login Seri_Flamehair)
SENIOR MEMBER time and tape April 17 2008, 8:17 PM

yes i did a total of 6000 hours over 54 weeks. went from a nothing 38a to a 38c/d lost 60 pounds during the year. was down to a small 38C when i restarted. going for another session.

As for tape duct tape the good stuff does work. clean the dome area and silicone outside with good non hydros alcohol before applying. so it sticks. You can find some silicone rtv it can fill the area if you have a rip not the best as it does get semi hard. At any hardware store. trying to find some silicone that is semi cohesive like brava uses.

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(no login) A wealth of Info April 18 2008, 9:10 AM

Louise, everything Dandelion said is exactly what is going on with my domes. But only on the right dome. the right dome also tends to cave in the silicone does. THey were basically brand new i bought them on ebay with a medium wide and a large i out grew the medium in 2 weeks and now its my larges that are having the problem. Just dont want to spend $800 with brava just for domes. But maby hmmm I could buy the set and buy the hard to find size XL domes and then sell all that on ebay to get my money back and just use the domes that I need. Hmmm what a great Idea! Also i already have a smart box i am not using which i could sell too. hmm i could make some money here. THanks ladies. I think i found the solution to my problem. I will also look for the liquid silicone also!!

You girls are great!! A little boob obsessed but i guess I am too!!

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(no login) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 18 2008, 6:58 PM

Autumn, I think you’re in the US which means I couldn’t buy from you because the postage cost wouldn’t make it worthwhile. Make sure you have a buyer lined up before you spend your money.

Really try hard not to let the silicone turn in – that will ruin them in literally a couple of weeks. Keep releasing the air and using your fingers to flare the silicone outwards. It’s a pain to start with but after a few days the silicone stays outwards.

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(no login) cost of Brava April 18 2008, 8:52 PM

Dandelion, I am also in the states but the price they just gave me today is different from yours. ” A Brava Sport System is $895.00 + Skin Care Kit + Shipping – If paid in full, $979.95. If you purchase a Brava Starter System or DELUXE System the total cost is $1279.95″. They told me that I can purchase up to 3 additional sets of domes. that’s very important as I definitely want to make sure I will be able to purchase more domes as two sets might not be enough for 7 + months of usage (my plan). I just want to get more info and compare it with others cause it seems like Brava is telling people different story here. thanks!

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(Login dandelion1) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 21 2008, 4:15 AM

Here is the email from brava:

The cost of a new complete Brava Sport system that comes with everything, One set of Domes, Sport Box, Black Bra, T-tubing, filters,cleaning tray/ syringe, new Instructional DVD and manual. This would cost $895.00 normally but with your $100.00 discount for being a previous Brava user, it would be $795.00. If you need the skin care kit as well, you would get a $50.00 discount for the entire kit, costing only $50.00. Total cost for both is $845.00 with one simple payment. Currently the S&H fees are free (value of $34.95.) You would need at least the Dome Antiseptic Spray ($22.00) and the No Sting Skin Wipes ($50.00 box of 50) so with one single payment you get the full kit for $50.00)

I orginally emailed them asking to purchased a net set of domes only, as I had said I had already purchased the full system off ebay. Because of this, this email lets me believe that even though I had purchased it orginally on ebay, they will treat me as a repeat customer because I have already used the system. So with the discount, it is 795$. I do not need the skincare because I already have some, and don’t even use the no-sting skin wipes (i have the roll-on, which I prefer anyways). The only product that I need is the Dome Antiseptic spray and I’ve got two bottles. So for 795$ + shipping I get the whole system. If they change their minds and dont was to give me the discount, it would be 895$.
I do not believe their skin products are worth the price, you can find alternatives for way cheaper.
After you get this system, you can get domes for 300$ shipping included.

Hope this helps!

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(Login dandelion1) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 21 2008, 4:18 AM

whats the ‘deluxe’ system anyways? The price i quoted was for the sport system, which is all that I need (or all that anyone needs – my opinion)

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(no login) brava domes April 21 2008, 9:50 PM

Dandelion, that’s great if you can get $100 discount. I will try to ask them for discount the next time I e mail them as I am also using Brava now. Thanks for the info. As for deluxe and starter kit, I think the only advantage is they offer 90 and 60 days return and exchange warranty. I don’t remember if they offer 30 days exchange for sports kit thou. I agree with you about the accessories. I don’t need anything except the domes and the skin prep.
What brand is the roll on you are using? Is it the same as the skin prep (protect skin and keep domes on). thanks!

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(Login dandelion1) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 22 2008, 3:25 AM

yeah the roll-on in the skin prep stuff in a bottle. I think its much better as it’s easier to use, and i’m sure it lasts more than fifty times (the wipes come in a packet of 50). It’s like a roll-on deodorant.
Maybe you can tell brava that you,ve bought a system on ebay previously for the cost-effectiveness, but would like to deal with them directly instead, and that you would like to be considered as a repeat customer because essentially you are one. I’m sure they’ll take any business they can, so hopefully they’ll give you a discount. good luck!

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(no login) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 22 2008, 1:33 PM

If you’re going to use the sportbox, I would buy direct from Brava so that you get the warranty and have the option to buy more domes. I don’t know if I’d buy off eBay unless it was nearly brand new and was deeply discounted because you may not be able to get more domes.

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(no login) Re: HELP!!! My large domes are breaking and I dont know what to do??? April 22 2008, 1:38 PM

I would only buy the sport system. You don’t need the other if you keep track of the hours yourself on paper. Dome cleaner I think is a must. I have a total of 23 weeks on my domes and they are still tacky and are looking like they want to start separating from the plastic (have looked that way for about 3 weeks and not gotton worse). Silicone is still firm and has never turned in. Skin Prep is a must too. Baby shampoo is good enough for skin cleaning and Eucerin Calming Cream is great for lotion. Take care of your domes and clean them daily with the dome cleaner and store them in the rack – it’s worth it.

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